Monday, August 24, 2015

"Cerulean Blue" by Carol Eliassen

Some call me Cerulean blue.  I am a coat of many hues that range from Cyan the great to the depths of the dark deep blue.   I’m not really one but many.  I sometimes overlay my bluest of friends.  I may be dimmer than some but I can accent anyone.  

I love to be the colorful flower swaying in the wind or the backdrop of the sky as the white fluffy clouds cluster nearby.

My Artist friend uses me to be a fragment of the color of a fish in a tropical sea or the background of a pink salmon breed.  I am versatile at best and can be used with all my palette companions, especially sunflower lemon yellow, flaming tomato red, or that outrageous lime green.

I tend to light up the sky behind the tall snow covered mountains or help that bright frothing white to accent the towering swells that are turbulent in the precarious Bay. I have to admit though my favorite place to be is with a vase of other colors swaying in the breeze.

I am versatile at best not like all the rest.  I’m not just blue, I’m also a hue. 

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