Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Susan G. Komen 3 Day in Seattle 2014

I have always been a person who never asks for help or bugs anyone for money but this is a fundraising to help breast cancer patients and for research to find a cure.....I had breast cancer and had multiple surgeries, painful reconstruction and to top it off Chemotherapy.....some people didn't even know that because I never complained but it was brutal...I would go to work, take a lunch break to hit the chemo room at the local hospital and then go back to work and finish out my day until the lights went off in the highrise building I worked at. At the end of my chemo and during the painful reconstruction I had to make a decision to leave a job that paid well, with 22 years of employment and a private office on the top floor of a high rise with awesome view but the chemo put me in early menopause and I started having a problem with my memory, hot flashes and emotions. My job required me to be at the top of my game so I decided there was more to life than money and corporate ladder I left...but during that time in the chemo room with the chairs filled with women and even a pregnant woman I thought about how lucky I was to have HOPE....I shed lots of tears there seeing the pregnant girl, the new ones who looked so scared and the ones that were back for the 2nd or 3rd time (some with one last try). They always had tissue by your chair just in case you needed it!! The Nurses and Doctors were so compassionate but without fundraising for this cause the cure won't be in sight and I for one don't want anyone to go through this because I know what they will endure! Please give TODAY even if you can only afford $5.....I'm not asking for much only if you can afford to give more please do!! God Bless you all and please pray for a cure!!!
Click on the Link below to DONATE ....THANKS!  Even if only $1 or $5 (or more) we can make a difference!