Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Moisture Festival in Seattle

St. Paddy's day 2012 a night to remember!  We went to the 9th Annual Moisture Festival and wasn't really sure what to expect.  We dined at Hale's Brewery in Fremont/Ballard area and then followed the yellow brick road around to the back and stood in line to enter the Hales Palladium  that is adjoined and can seat up to 250 people.  It was a packed house. 

The show's MC told some jokes but primarily introduced the actors/artist/entertainers.  He said that people asked why they called it the Moisture Festival and well, Seattle is known for 3 things:  rain, Boeing and Lattes!  You can't call it the flying coffee so that is how the name of the festival was born!  Wow, would never have known had I not gone! 

The acts were short but the show was long and very entertaining!  We laughed and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves because of the immense variety.  There were jugglers, acrobatics, tap dance, singing, huge giant balls with people inside gliding across the hands of the audience (not joking people!), magician and then more singing.  It also included a burlesque dressed entertainer on roller skates.  It was clean entertainment for the most part at the early shows but not sure what went on at the 10:30 pm show! 

The great thing about being connected to the micro brew pub is you could order drinks and food as you watched the entertainment on stage.  Even the audience could be entertaining at times!  Well, it was St. Paddy's day so beer was the main drink and green was the primary color of the night!

Next year will be the 10th Anniversary and for a donation of $100 or more per person you can attend the after party celebration as well.  I think I will scrounge up some cash for the after party and make plans to go again.  We only paid $22 per ticket and it was well worth the money for the great entertainment. 

Check out their website for information and updates.  Hope to see you there next year and it's not too late to go this year!  It runs through April 8th.  Check out their website:

Kroeller-Mueller Museum confirms through new X-Ray technique that still life is by Vincent van Gogh

Kroeller-Mueller Museum confirms through new X-Ray technique that still life is by Vincent van Gogh